Friday, March 26, 2010

A quick update

I missed worked yesterday with back issues. Not sure what happened, but at some point yesterday morning I tweaked what was an already sore back. Made it dang near impossible to walk. I literally crawled from the kitchen to the bedroom and got back in bed. I called work and let them know I was having some issues and that I'd be late. My boss called me later and said that I shouldn't worry about coming in. They could cover my responsibilities. So I stayed home and made a doctors appointment for the afternoon. Gina left her job a little early to take me.

The new doctor was a nice guy, but he said there wasn't much he could do for me. I have strained some muscles in my back and the only thing that will make it better is time.

So that's what I am giving it -- time. I am taking some pain meds that aren't doing much for me, but it actually feels better today.

Wrote just a little bit yesterday while I was laying in bed. Not on the writing prompt for my group, but on the longer piece I have going. I am excited about the world I have created and really think that it could lend itself to several stories. It's intriguing enough that there are lots of possibilities for a series of works. Not necessarily following the same character, but set in the same world.

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