Monday, March 1, 2010

Writing with a flashlight

While I have been tweaking and submitting I have also been writing. It was mostly just to keep myself form getting soft. Found that if I spent too much time not writing the words stop coming so easy. It always seems to take me a few days to get back in a groove. Plus I wanted to have something to give to my writers' group. There are new members and I wanted to kind of let them know what I did and my style.

So, to keep fresh, I started writing on an idea I had a germ for a few months back. The top I liked but I knew what it was going to be. The rest of the story, though, I had no idea where it would head. I'd get an idea for another chuck and I'd write it. While I wrote that bit Ipd get and idea for something else and I'd write it. It's made for a story that doesn't have a lot of chronological flow, but honestly lot of my stories don't. Whether or not that will hurt me remains to be scene.

I feel like I am writing this with a flashlight, hence the title of this post. I can see well the bit I am writing right now. And I can kind of see a little ahead, where I want to go. But more than a few feet in front of that is totally dark. No idea where I am headed. I am sure this is seat of the pants writing and it's fun, but it's a little nerve wracking not knowing where I am headed.

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