Friday, March 26, 2010

Writing prompt response.

I mentioned previously that I was responsible for coming up with the writing prompt for our next writers group meeting. I had a tough time coming up with an idea, so I just went with the first thing I came to mind. That was "tiny little robots, two by two." I tried all this week to figure out something to go with the prompt, but I couldn't figure out anything at all.

Decided today that I'd just try to write something I had never written before -- a fight scene. I thought a bit about my story on my way home from work. What I came up with is below. Hope you enjoy it. Let me know what you think.

Marquez smashed the bottle against the edge of the bar. The brown glass clattered to the floor and he pushed the jagged edge in Solis’ face. Solis slapped Marquez’s hand away and he dropped the bottle.

A pair of security bots spun in circles by their feet, the little red lights on their domed heads flashing. Solis kicked the bot nearest him and the little machine slid across the floor, crashing in to the leg of a chair.

Marquez was distracted by the commotion and Solis put a fist hard into his opponent’s stomach. Marquez doubled over and Solis brought a knee into the shorter man’s nose. He dropped to his knees and a security bot passed by his ear. Marquez pushed it aside.

He brought himself slowly to a knee then sprung at Solis, burying his shoulder into the older man’s soft middle. The pair crashed into three bar stools as they fell to the ground. Marquez straddled the old man, his hair falling in his eyes in a sweaty mess. Solis grabbed a handful of Marquez’s dark mane and pushed him back into an upright position. He swung his left arm and crushed Solis’ cheek. Solis’ head snapped to the side and smacked the old, wooden bar the two men were laying next to. Marquez pushed Solis off of him and the younger man lay on the ground in a wet heap, one of the security bots by his head and the other near his feet.

Solis reached into Marquez’s back pocket and pulled out his wallet. He took the three American twenty dollar bills that were inside along with a few pesos.

“Now we’re even,” Marquez said as he pocketed the bills and headed for the door.

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