Thursday, April 22, 2010

Challenge update

I wrote with sleepy eyes last night but was able to get the top of my piece for Chad Rohrbacher's challenge put together. I am going crime and not superhero. The superhero piece wants to be written, and I am sure it will be one day, just not today.

I set the challenge piece in a place I have thought about a lot in the past. It's called the Cherry Bomb Ballroom. I've had that name with me for what feels like forever and I know it's made a few appearances in a couple of pieces that I started but never finished. I tend to do that. I keep names and settings with me until they find the right home. I think this one has found it. I like it here and I like the way I have described it so far. The main character is also one that I have written before. He's making another appearance, this time in a story that will be finished. I think I may dedicate a whole post to revisiting settings and characters one day.

I didn't really know where this was going when I began it. Just had a situation in mind, but the ending found me quick once I got going. By the third paragraph actually. I like it. The words are coming in stops and starts right now, but I am sure they will start flowing once I sit down and give them my full attention.


  1. Well done, Jarrett! Looking forward to seeing how it turns out. I'm glad the Cherry Bomb Ballroom has found a good 'home'.

    Keep going, keep going..... ;-)

  2. Good stuff. I started mine last night so hope to get something before the weekend.