Monday, April 5, 2010

Welcome back, baseball. You've been missed.

There are many things I do that drive Gina crazy. One is watching the MLB Network almost all the time. If there is nothing else on TV I will flip channels to MLB Network. I watch it in the morning when getting ready for work. I turn the TV in the living room to it. Then I move to the bedroom to get ready and turn the TV in there to it. Then when Gina gets home in the afternoon all of the TVs in the house are on baseball.

But starting today I can get my baseball fix by watching in person. It's opening day and Gina and I will be at the ballpark watching the Rangers take on the Blue Jays. If I am remembering correctly, this is our fourth opening day together. I had never been to the opener until I met her. I am lucky. As much as I love baseball, Gina loves it just as much, if not more. She wrote about it on her blog here. (And while you are there check out the pictures of her cakes and encourage her to post some of the recent pics of the cupcakes she's been making. My girl's got skills, ya'll!)

So, welcome back, baseball. At least in our house you've been missed.


  1. Your MLB Network doesn't drive me that crazy. I mean if you enjoy hearing the exact same stories over and over within the first 10 min. that they were new then have at it. LOL

    This actually makes our 5th opening day together.

    Welcome back baseball and hello win column!

  2. May be the best baseball game I have ever seen in person.