Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Finding the end

It's always fun, at least to me, when I find the end of a story. I've covered this before, but when I start writing a story I usually know it's beginning, maybe a bit of its middle, and then the end. And the end is usually a general ending, nothing specific. It's not until I get into the story that I figure out the specifics. I may be in the middle of writing the story and figure out that where I thought the end was going to be isn't actually the end at all. That happened this morning as I worked on the story I mentioned in yesterday's post. The ending that I had in mind wasn't actually the end of the story at all. The end is actually a twist that makes so much sense it should have been obvious to me. I even set it up in one of the early paragraphs.

Finding endings is one of my favorite things about writing. Especially when I like the ending. And this one I like.


  1. Will you share it with us, Jarrett?

  2. I will when it's finished. We are getting there. A couple more days I ma guessing then a few days to edit. But I will share it with you.