Friday, April 2, 2010

Since it's Good Friday

Seeing as how it's Good Friday for us Christians, I thought I'd point you over to Thrillers, Killer and Chillers. You'll see why if you click here.

Sue Harding does a great telling of what is, for Christians, a great story.


  1. Hi, and thanks for picking up on my story!

    I've been submitting items to TK&C for a little while - and sometimes it's hard to equate my writing with my beliefs (given the noir genre of that site!) yet I'm a keen crime fiction reader/author (well, I try anyway...!)

    But last Tuesday God gave me a 'prod' and the 'Friday, Friday' story began to crystallise in my mind (while I was ironing, of all things..!) and by the time I got to the laptop the whole story came out in about 20 mins - basically as seen, and just a few typos!

    I've since met up with the mainstays of TK&C and was bowled over by their enthusiastic response!

    Thanks for your comments anyway!

  2. Like I said before, I thought the story was great. I really enjoyed the response you got from others at TKnC.

    I have the same issues with squaring what I write with what I believe. It's tough for me to write the violence and language that some of the others use. I can't seem to make myself do it. Just doesn't come natural to me. But crime and noir are what I love to write, so I write it without it and hope it doesn't hurt the final product.

  3. Hi,

    I understand you - I find it hard to use 'street' language - but I'm trying to make sure that characters who profess to have faith don't use it. For characters who are bad/immoral - it would seem weird for them not to use it! What I hope to show is that when Christian characters in my writing face the same life-issues as everyone else, they deal with it in a 'different' way!

    I'd like to read more of your work - can you give me some links?

  4. I've only had two pieces posted so far -- both at A Twist of Noir. There are links at the top on the right side.

    I am hoping for more, though.

  5. Yup - have read and enjoyed those, already! :-)

    Have you tried submitting to other sites/blogs?

    There's always room for more at TKnC....

    And I'm glad to hear your adding to the "Playing House" story - don't keep us in suspense! ;-)