Monday, March 23, 2009

Focus. Focus.

When I started this blog, all 8 posts ago, I figured it would be mostly about writing. Just a way to keep myself motivated to do it and not be frustrated by it. Well, I haven't done so well. Not as well as I would have liked, anyway. So from now on that's I promise to be better. A more regular poster and a more motivated writer.

I started last night. I wrote about 500 words on the Paisley pirates story. I am enjoying it so far but feel the steam running out. I have the plot loosely outlined. I know what is supposed to happen. I know who the heroes are. I know the villains. And I know how it ends. What I don't know are the specifics. I think that's where the steam is escaping, through the holes I have left in my plot. What's missing right now is a little conflict. The plot is moving ahead, but I know if I am getting bored with the tale at this point the reader would be too.

I am very tempted to go back and edit what I have done so far. I am about 12,000 words in and this is always the point that my editor's pen starts to shake and want to come out of its pocket. I am trying to fight the urge and to just keep chugging on with the first draft.

I am excited about this piece. I don't want to call it a book yet. I am sure it will get there as slow as the plot seems to be moving. Still, after the editing it could wind up a short story.
Anyway, new focus. That's what I've got right now. Going to post more regularly. Going to write more regularly. And hopefully I won't bore you if the updates are just this kind of thing. I'll try not to let them be, but for now that may be all I can muster.

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