Tuesday, March 31, 2009

An interesting writing tip

I read this list of tips before and I found the first one interesting.
Never tell anyone the plot of your story until you've finished writing it. Once you've told your story, even in outline, some part of you relaxes. The story-telling urge is fulfilled. You've seen your audience react to it, and actually writing the story then becomes something of a chore, like you're repeating yourself. It's much better to keep the urge alive, driving you on until you've got the story down on paper, and you can then present it to the world in all its glory.
I heard another writer say the same thing today. He was being interviewed and he mentioned to the interviewer that he would have loved to talk about the novel he was working on. He was very excited about it, but if he started talking about it there was something inside of him that would relax and not be as excited about writing it.

I guess there is something in the telling.

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