Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I have seen the future and it's fascinating

We had a retreat at work today to talk about what we should be doing on the Web that we aren't doing now. Our day started with a presentation by one of the Internet gurus at work. It was really interesting and I don't know that I can tell you exactly why. I always like things that like that, presentations that look forward. I love possibilities. I get excited by them and I want to figure out how to get those possibilities to become realities much sooner than they probably should be. Lots of info on the future of the web and how people are starting to use the Internet.

It is amazing to think how necessary being online has become to our day-to-day lives. It's even more amazing to think how much more necessary it will become in the future. Things are being done now to mash-up technologies so the Internet can be prepared to answer our questions before we even know we should be asking them. Our presenter kept using the example of Urban Spoon, the iPhone application. Using the locator chip your iPhone always knows where you are. That means that the Urban Spoon application always knows where you are and is ready to recommend restaurants to you at all times, even if you weren't aware 15 minutes ago that you needed to figure that out. See, ready to answer questions you didn't even know you had. There is an application that does the same thing with movie theater and times. Even will let you buy tickets on your phone. Pretty amazing stuff and definitely made me want an iPhone for the first time ever. I won't get one because they are on the wrong carrier and I can't justify the cost just so I can find restaurants and movies. But it was very cool to see what the future of the web was.
Another thing I got out of today was how unsophisticated I am when it comes to using the web. I still go t blogs that I like everyday instead of using an RSS feed or bloglines.com. I still visit other sites to see if there is new content. Today really drove home that I need to be more advanced in my use of the Web. I need to be harnessing it to its fullest. And I plan to do that, once I make sure it hasn't killed my job.


  1. You are right we can not afford it and it is not with our carrier. How about the "i phone" that sprint has? I could go for that. Maybe. Still not sure why anyone has to carry a computer in their hands. What happened to the good old days? : )

  2. I didn't know why you'd want that much access until this retreat. It really drove home the point that this is the direction things are going. I don't want to see us left behind.
    I know we can't afford it now and I am not saying we need to go out soon and get one for each of us.
    But I think the Sprint version would be more than fine. My only worry is the data package. Those can be expensive, especially if you need two of them.

  3. I really don't need one. Let's get budget and bills underwraps first.

  4. It's just a want, not a need. I just think they are cool.