Monday, March 9, 2009

How much have I written total?

Last night, after writing my last post, I started wondering how much I had written since I started writing somewhat regularly 10 or so years ago. I am not under the delusion that it will be a huge number. I don't expect it to be some tiny amount either. If I am able to finish reading all that I have for work at a decent hour tonight I will try and add up all the things that I have stored on my hard drive. I know I have three pieces that are about 50k words each. Then there are a lot of other smaller things in there. Some starts of short stories and some flash fiction. Hopefully I'll have a better number for you later tonight.


  1. Does this count as your hundred words? Or are you planning on writing your stories for a hundred words?

  2. No, this doesn't count as the hundred words. It's got to be fiction. At least the rules in my head say it has to be fiction.