Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Critique groups

Here's a questions for those writers who may be reading this blog. If you have experience with critique groups, at what stage in a story's progress did you take it to be critiqued.

At the next meeting of my writers group we are to bring 20 pages to exchange. I am wanting to take this monster story with me, but I don't think it will be anything more than a first draft. Is it smart to take a first draft with me, or should I take something that has been edited?

Any help is appreciated.


  1. Either is okay, it depends on your style. Typically I'll show my second or third draft to the group (after a quick "polish" run through so they can concentrate on the story instead of the grammar problems). This lets me know if I've missed anything big (usually, yes, or I've deleted something necessary and have to put it back in).

    I ran a first draft through the novel workshop this spring and was embarrassed. Although I had a lot of good critique ideas, with the rewrite I cut some of the things they felt that with just a little change would work.

  2. Thanks, Steve. I think I am going to get a quick second pass through it befoere I take it. My big concerns are if the story works or not and what I might need to change.

    I tend to do a light edit as I write so I am not too worried about grammar stuff, though I probably should be.

    And I still might change my mind about what I am going to take. I have a couple of other things tat are in progress that I'd love some feedback on.

    What is your take on bringing unfinished pieces fro critique?

    I feel like I am getting dressed for the first date with my wife all over again. I want to make the best first impression that I can.