Monday, July 27, 2009

Progress update

Wrote almost 600 words tonight. A page and a half on the monster story. It's still fun to write, even if this is unfamiliar territory for me. I am hoping to have it finished by the time that I meet the writers' group again. I am 15 pages in and feel like this is wrapping up soon. Like I said in a previous post, I know how this is supposed to end and we are getting to that point.

The only frustrating part of what I wrote tonight is that I know I went off on a tangent that will almost surely come out in the editing. It's not advancing that plot at all and the resolution will be unsatisfying. I already know that even though I haven't resolved it. But I'll write it anyway and ignore the inner editor that has already told me to hit the backspace key. If nothing else it's an idea that I like and can see it being useful in another story featuring these characters.

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