Friday, July 17, 2009

The rise of the robots

While I am at work I usually have a muted TV playing above my desk. It's always on one of the cable news channels unless there is a daytime baseball game on.

This morning I have it on MSNBC and am glancing at it every few minutes. Earlier they debated something called The Lucifer Effect with and author of a book with that title. Just a moment ago I saw this headline: "Robots: Good or Evil."

I had to see what that was and figure out if they really were talking about what it appeared they were talking about. Unmute.

They weren't talking about the C3PO style robot that walks and talks. They were talking about the kind of robots that we use to make cars. And the unmanned drones that fly over enemy territory that take surveillance photos. All things that don't have much if any artificial intelligence. They rely on programming by a human to function at all and are made to do a certain task.

That didn't stop one of the co-hosts of the show, Stephen A. Smith, from declaring that he was terrified of robots. He had seen I, Robot with Will Smith. He knew about Transformers. Even thought they weren't talking about those kinds of robots at all. There is nothing like not listening to a conversation you are an integral part of. Make sure you don't learn anything there, Stephen.

I never liked that guy when he was on ESPN. He was always loud for the sake of being loud. I really don't like him in MSNBC.

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  1. Well, then you get to The EATR concept. It's a robot under development that can "digest" biomass (including animals) to fire its custom boiler and create its own energy (for military use on deep insertion missions).