Sunday, July 26, 2009

Frustrating progress

Met with the writers' group on Thursday night. We agreed to write 10 pages each week. Bring 20 pages to the group each week and then critique each others work.

I think we are going to try and tackle too much at each meeting and I am going to suggest a couple of changes. Mainly, that we critique only one person's work each week. We'll swap pages and then take them home to read. We'll do the critiques at the next meeting. I think that will allow for a more thorough, thoughtful critique and not something that comes from a quick glance.

That's not the point of this post, though. The point is that I am two days removed from the meeting and I have written no pages and maybe only 50 words total.



  1. Well you better get to getting sir! I know you can do this Jarrett and don't let the external issues (work, bills, mundane household chores etc.) distract you from your internal desires. You want to be a writer. You ARE a writer and now you are working on getting better. Do it Jarrett and commit to not letting things stand in the way of your goal. I'm behind you and supporting your efforts!

  2. Fantastic! I'll let Gina know you said I don't have to do the mundane household chores. Finally glad to have someone's permission to ignore those things.

  3. You have my permission and my blessings....don't know if that will save you from Gina's wrath but at least you'll have something!